Thinking Outside the Box – Combining Webinar Technologies is the largest and longest-running eNewsletter in the presentations field, providing advice from a regular roster of world-class experts and proven practitioners in designing and delivering compelling presentations for over 150K subscribers. I am the executive producer of their webinars and the audience is wonderful to work with.

The goal of our August webinar was to do an industry thought-leader panel but the real value was the conversation, not the visuals.

We called it “Dishing on Presentations”. We had to find a balance for both. Rick Altman, the host of the Presentation Summit, is gregarious and well-loved by the presentation community. He provided visuals that we could use to capture key points of each speaker. It was amazing to have such a respected group of thought leaders sharing their tips, ideas and having real conversations about what is going on in the presentation community – both from a design viewpoint as well as the technical viewpoint.

The other panelists included Dave Zielinski, PresentationXpert; Dr. Carmen Simon, Rexi Media; Nolan Haims, Microsoft PowerPoint MVP and creative director, Nolan Haims Creative, and Microsoft PowerPoint MVP, Mike Parkinson of Billion Dollar Graphics.

You always want to think outside the box when it comes to creating webinars. Some technology has the ability to capture webcams but may not have the features you want to interact with the audience. That is when you must get creative. We wanted to do both. We used both GoToWebinar and Camtasia to capture the people and the content. We recorded both the GoToWebinar event and the entire screen from Camtasia, so we could capture the webcams. It really worked to connect our audience with the speakers.Look at the two options and see what you think:

Both work – that it the beauty of merging technologies. In post-editing, it is easy to combine screens, if you want.

Enjoy listening to the recording. It is packed full of information and great wisdom.