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This was a busy week for me, hosting and producing four very different webinars – so guess what I have been doing? Editing and producing all the webinars and uploading them to YouTube and my clients’ sites. But this week’s productions are a labor of love! I had a lot of fun with several of the speakers who made the webinars interactive and engaging for both me as a host and our audience.

Microsoft PowerPoint MVP, Mike Parkinson (@Mike_Parkinson) of Billion Dollar Graphics rocked it with his webinar for #PresentationXpert. Titled “Pitch Perfect: How to Make Successful Sales Presentations”, he shared his success tips on why you need to have the right story, the right presentation, and the right sales process. You really have to listen to what the prospect is saying and deliver a compelling value proposition, or you might get a hang-dog look like this one!

In this webinar, you will learn the tricks the pros use to get audience agreement and sell a product, solution or idea. Use what you learn during the webinar to make a clear, compelling presentation that gets buy-in and improves your success rate. It’s easy—when you know how to do it. The webinar is free and you can listen to it on YouTube, or below.

One of the other webinars I did this week was with life coach Jackie Welch, an amazingly dynamic and motivating speaker. It was her first webinar and she was a star!

The topic of the webinar was “Making the Holidays Happy” and it was for a Silicon Valley company who want to offer assistance to their employees during the holiday. We made it very interactive and shared our personal stories, but the audience also shared their stories. You could tell it was very personal for several of the attendees. Stress during the holidays is a real concern for many of us. It was not a public webinar but one of the images we used was very impactful and said volumes, even without words. What do you think?

A great presentation – whether it is online or in person really combines great visuals, great messaging, and great delivery. I am thankful that I got a chance to experience this more than once this week – it is one of the reasons why I truly love being the “webinar chick”.

Have a great holiday season.

Mike Parkinson
Mike ParkinsonMicrosoft PowerPoint MVP
Mike Parkinson, CPP APMP Fellow, is an internationally recognized visual communication and presentation guru, solution and strategy, award-winning author, and trainer. He is a key contributor to multi-billion dollar projects and helps Fortune 500 companies improve their success rates. Mike shares his expertise through books like “Do-It-Yourself Billion Dollar Graphics”, articles, online tools, and webinars. Learn more at

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