Meet Sharyn Fitzpatrick – “The Webinar Chick”

I love webinars and everything about them even working with technology-challenged presenters love webinars and updating old tired slides to ones that are crisp and memorable. But it is an art to create and deliver a successful webinar.

I define webinar success by a number of criteria:

  • The overall number of registrants
  • The % of registrants who become attendees
  • We experience no technical issues
  • The speaker shows up early and we can hear them
  • Very important: How interactive and engaging the webinar team is

This blog is all about sharing experiences, links to good content and discussing what works and what doesn’t in the words of the experts – yes, audience members – this means you too!

My name is Sharyn Fitzpatrick and I have done over 2,000 webinars so I have seen it all. This blog is whereas the “Webinar Chick” I can share my webinar wisdom but I want to learn from you too. So if you have lots of great tips and tricks, please share them. You can email me directly at “

Here is my bio if you are interested in learning more:  Bio – Sharyn Fitzpatrick.

After twenty years in sales and marketing in the corporate world, I wanted a new challenge and something I could build for success. Hello, Marcom Gurus!  Founded in 2000, my consultancy Marcom Gurus creates and delivers marketing and communications results by translating the company’s vision into strategic and results-driven marketing programs. Whether it is a brand launch, a social media strategy, a new webinar program, or a user conference for 50 to 1500, I deliver high-quality experiences and successful programs. I am known for my creative, innovative out-of-the-box thinking and proven processes plus real-world experiences to drive each project to success.  For more information on Marcom Gurus, click here.

The Fun Side of Life: 

I am a die-hard Penn Stater so you will see me tweeting about football games, team notes, bad officiating, and more. Enjoy. I also love reality TV and movies.  I have a dog named Hershey, a cat named TJ, and a wonderful 18-year-old son, Zachary, my beautiful daughter, her husband, and my adorable two-year granddaughter.   I have completed two Nike half-marathons. I am in the process of a major remodel – aka The Money Pit – with lots of ups and downs.  Enjoy every day.  Life is too short.